This repository represents the Lynar Studios - Standard Library (ls-std).

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Lynar Studios - Standard Library 2022.1.0

This is a cross-platform standard library written in C++ offering functionalities you would usually miss in C++'s standard template library (STL), especially if you would search for cross-platform implementations.
This library has been tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS systems. Following a modularized approach the following submodules are defined in scope of this library, which are independent:


This library module provides boxing classes for primitive data types (e.g. string, int, long, float...) to provide additional functionalities.


The core module is a base module providing a base Class, exceptions, data types and interfaces. Usually the other submodules are dependent on this module.


To encode a byte field (e.g. a binary file) for transfer the Base64 encoding / decoding functionality is being provided by this submodule as a first feature.


This submodule comes with an Event class, as well as with handlers and managers to provide an intuitive event handling for your application.


To handle file operations - or to receive information of a file - this library submodule provides an own File class implementation, which can also be passed to library implemented input or output stream classes.
Additionally XML and KV parsing functionalities are provided by this submodule.


Functionalities provided by this submodule support your project with some nice logical features. The first one being provided by it is a state machine.


A Date class comes with this submodule, which you can use to represent a date and do operations on it.



  • "encoding" submodule has been added providing Base64 encoding and decoding functionality


  • modularization has been improved by restructuring library files, which would result into having submodules - there is no central header or binary file anymore - instead submodules can be linked independently now (e.g. using ls_std_event.hpp and linking
  • there is a CMake guard now to ensure that only one goal at the time is being build
  • the CMake option LS_STD_BUILD_WITH_SUPPORTED_COMPILER has been added to detect compiler support
  • namespaces have been improved library wide and are more specific - there is no ls_std namespace anymore - instead you can choose submodule specific namespaces (e.g. ls::std::boxing::)
  • GoogleTest framework has been upgraded to 1.11.0


  • none


You can find a detailed documentation on Lynar Studios Website:


This software is licensed and uses MIT-license. You can find a LICENSE.MIT file inside the project's root directory.


To build this library you'd need a recent version of cmake and your OS specific compiler collection, like gcc or MinGW installed.
Inside project's root directory create the following folder:


Open your OS specific command line interface (CLI) and navigate to this new folder and run the following command to configure the project and generate a native build system:

cmake ../

Inside cmake_build_release folder you will now find cmake generated files. To compile the library now, just run:

cmake --build . --config Release

Please note: Currently only a small set of compilers is officially supported. If you'd like to compile with an unsupported compiler, you have to set LS_STD_BUILD_WITH_SUPPORTED_COMPILER - option in CMakeLists.txt file to OFF - then reset and reload the cmake project.

Add Library To Your CMake Project

If you would like to add this library to your CMake project (CMakeLists.txt file), make sure that you would add the libraries' include directory:


Then link the libraries' binary file inside your CMakeLists.txt file:

target_link_libraries(... libls_std_core libls_std_boxing ...)


This project contains unit tests to provide test coverage.
To run those tests you have to build this project with option LS_STD_BUILD_WITH_TESTS set to ON - then reset and reload the CMake project.